Package Design

    Prite specialize in effective package design for both domestic and international consumer products. At Prite, our design emphasizes the product competitive uniqueness, buying appealing effects and fair pricing.

    We help our clients build successful brands in new product categories, trademark registration services as well as assist them in revitalizing and extending their existing brands.

    Our knowledge and experience in creating quality reproduction will directly translate into sales increase and successful marking of your products. Here is our complete graphic package design solutions:

    • Logo and Brand design
    • Trademark registration services
    • Cases label design for CDs/DVDs, Videotapes etc.
    • Stickers and Labels Packaging Design
    • Bottles and Jars Packaging Design
    • Boxes and Bags Packaging Design
    • Blister Cards Packaging Design
    • Inserts for Blister Cards, Clamshell
    • Product Photography
    • Any custom packaging design orders are available