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Please rate yourself on the three areas below based on three tiers web development model. This is not a test of your knowledge but a general picture of what you are capable doing as a web developer. It would help us to understand what would mostly fit you in our future job contracts. Please do not over rate yourself. Under estimate will not cost your future contracts with us but over rate will. So please rate yourself as accurately as you can. For anything you claimed, we would appreciate to see some sample work you have done or web sites you developed.

Please Check those item you have experience with and provide a rating. The rating is based a scale of ten, 0 means you know nothing about it and 10 means you are an expert on that subject. You may use this as a benchmark: A working knowledge of an application would be rated at about 4. By "working knowledge", we mean that you can use the application and perform all basic functions, although you may need to consult a manual to perform more advanced functions.

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Front Tier Skill Sets
Javascript Flash XML CSS HTML XHTML

Middle Tier Skill Sets
Java Perl Python TCL
C++ C# Delphi VB
Weblogic Websphere Tomcat J2EE
Apache Netscape ES MS IIS other web server

Back End Tier Skill Sets
Oracle MS SQL MS Access DB2 MySQL other DB

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